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5th-Dec-2014 02:23 pm - Rain
We in the western part of the States have been having a drought for the last three winters. Link to page showing how bad it is. http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/
Last week and this week we have finally had some rain. The forcast is for rain 7/10 days next week. Yay!

In other news the 2 cats I have been feeding have gone to homes. SUPER BIG YAY! Particularly as winter is coming in and they are out of the cold, wet nights.
17th-Oct-2014 09:42 pm - words
Well! Microsoft Word accepts ginormous as spelled correctly. This is new. Not that I use the word but a few authors I've read do. I've always just ignored the word myself as I find it odd.
4th-Oct-2014 08:11 pm - New Stuff
No not things.

I have a new author I'm reading Ben Aaronovitch he writes mysteries set in London. The main character is constable Peter Grant who in the first book 'Midnight Riot' talks to a ghost. This gets him assigned to be the first apprentice in 50 years to the last officially sanctioned English Wizard. There are 4 books out and 1 coming out next month.
I like these books because the author sticks in little jokes. One of which is Peter has to put all the modern tech items in a separate building which he call 'the tech cave'

Then I watched this great movie 'Burlesque' with Cher and Christina Aguilera it was very good. If you haven't seen it you should.
27th-Sep-2014 05:16 pm - Some authors :(
There was a story started for the NaNoWriMo 2013 the author wrote this fantastic fic more than 181,000 words as she wrote until the second week of December. Still unfinished.
I hope that she is planning on finishing it this November but I doubt it. She will be going on my don't read anything unless it is finished list.
3rd-Sep-2014 04:45 pm - LOL moment
Sooo I'm watching TV something I rarely do and there was this commercial! I nearly died laughing.
30th-Jun-2014 10:19 pm - need a beta
I recently went back rewrote and finished an old Eroica fic. Now I need a beta. Any volunteers? It is 31 pages 11,400 words, no graphic sex, violence, contains: happy ending, smart, brave Dorian, a few words of German just ones common to Eroica fic.
So I watched Murder in the First, it was good and Tom Felton 'Draco' is hot with his shirt off.

The story is set in San Francisco, the detectives went to Oakland. There were shots of the old Bay Bridge no sign of the construction of the new bridge, no sign of the new bridge. They were around town places a native would recognize.

The plot is believable, the acting is good.

I like it so far.
9th-Jun-2014 09:40 am - Actor who played Draco Malfoy
Actor who played Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) to play Erich Blunt: a young Silicon Valley prodigy, in the new show Murder in the First starting to night.
Murder in the First is an upcoming American detective drama television series that has been announced to air on TNT in summer 2014. The series was created by Steven Bochco and Eric Lodal, and stars Taye Diggs and Kathleen Robertson. Set in San Francisco, the show will follow a single case across an entire season.
I'm curious to see what the grown-up Draco looks like and I always check out shows set in San Francisco.
4th-May-2014 01:09 pm - May the Fourth be With You!
So small select party planned, BFF and husband, my daughter me and my husband. My friend has the flu or a cold she's not sure, she just feels awful. :( Hopefully just postponed til next week.

12th-Apr-2014 10:28 pm - From Eroica With Love
I have been working on some old stories I never finished and decided to post one I had finished on AO3 http://archiveofourown.org/works/1455919. I will be looking for a beta in a few weeks for a longish, mostly plot, non-graphic story. If anyone would care to volunteer. Hint, hint.
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